Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How can I make an android app without coding?

If you are afraid of coding or programming then don't worry you can still develop an app. It was only an assumption that only coder can make apps.
So let's come to the topic,the easiest way to make an app is by using "App inventor" by Massachusetts institute of technology(MIT).It's an open source development and initially it was provided by Google but later on it is handling by MIT.
It's completely free and safe.

  1. A PC or laptop having at least 4 GB RAM and 32 bit .
  2. An Android mobile.
  3. Good internet connection.
Yes that's it !!.
Now go to 
And type "MIT App inventor"
Click the very first link you see.
Then click create app.
Then it will ask for your gmail, you have to give your gmail account and you are now ready to make your very first Android app.. it will be better if you prefer to YouTube .
Search the title u wanted to make an app. And watch the video thoroughly and start your app.
If you have any queries regarding .all file or how to share your app with your friends or how to publish your app on Google play store, then ask me with my contacts
Fb:  /chandankumar.badtya
 Thank you for reading !! 
Happy app making !! Have a good day . Namaskar _/\_ 
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