Saturday, 10 October 2015

Why do window seats of a train or a bus make us think deeply about life?

Why do window seats of a train or a bus make us think deeply about life?

 lovely question,to start with :)

we travel to visit some beautiful places by train, bus or car .
  Out of train,car and bus, train is different and so special.Because we wont be travelling through cities ,their infrastructure,busy traffics, instead we will be spending most of our time passing
through villages,rural construction,farms and open fields.

While travelling in a train, we have nothing else to do except sit on our berth either reading a magazine or playing with our phone or gaze out the window.

but when we get a window seat , it doubles the happiness of the journey.

we are able to see much further and much more while travelling in a train.
 We get to see a lot more trees, huts, , rivers,
                                        sometimes  farms with people working innocently,
through a tunnel and sometimes even mountains at a distance.

And sitting beside the window gazing outside whilst listening to songs with the cool

breeze touching our face helps  us relax and that is when we start introspecting(or examining our own thought or feelings) our life in and out.
          We start seeing images of our life like those moving fleeting images of the world outside the window.when we see things moving backwards, we start thinking about past/previous memories.

        For those few hours we are away from the bedlam of the city and get to see a glimpse of Nature.
Although we might not realize it, as we distance ourselves from civilization and materialism, we gradually and unconsciously slip into the lap of nature, we become more and more nostalgic.

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